Luka Leget company envisages its future as a major partner in the region for goods manipulation and storage as well as a key partner for the linking of all countries in the region. Due to its strategic location it inevitably dominates as the best choice for the transfer of load on board smaller vessels for further Sava upriver navigation which significantly lowers the transportation costs and speeds up the transportation to the neighboring countries: Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In view of the expected increase of the inland navigation traffic RTC Luka Leget is planning to enlarge its port and to extend the vertical shore line to 400 meters enhancing thereby the efficiency and increasing the reloading capacities to enable the transfer of load from several vessels simultaneously.

The planned enlargement of the fleet loading capacities will enable the establishing of new deposit places in Belgrade and in Novi Sad for the sake of better supplies to the clients. The existing laboratory for the inspection of the quality of the segregated material will be improved in the near future, so that the issuance of the quality certificate for each product will commence.

Through its permanent and uncompromising strivings for the quality improvement within the whole range of its activities, Luka Leget will endeavor to remain the leading one in the industry to which it belongs.